We focus in innovative startups projects placed in Portugal, check out some of our latest investments

Planeta Austero - Solarwood

Offgrid solutions
90% owned by Energy Planet

Évora - Portugal

Planeta Austero develops the Solarwood solution. Solarwood is an innovative hybrid solution for offgrid locations in Africa where there is a lack of electricty. The combination of solar, biomass & batteries makes this solution perfect for remote households.

keme energy

Developer and operator of energy projects
90% owned by Energy Planet

Figueira da Foz - Portugal

Keme operates in the Renewable Energy sector, developing, building and operating renewable energy power plants. Also it invest in a particular management mode, which develops technical and financial solution.


Engineering development and consultancy
25% owned by Energy Planet

Lisbon - Portugal

DELAB is an specialist group of business management and focused on energy engneering, techical installations and auditing, innovation projects and development and education for any energy areas. Their team of Engineers cover all the fields in the energy sector, with more than 20 years of experience, and taking the competences from -JesusFerreira Consultores- energyconsulting. DELAB has as their main goal the creation of value for the customer, endorsed with high technical and management. This explain the high level of excellence  in specialization of managment and implementation of a variety energy projects.


Wunder ocean

R&D in offshore and onshore wind
55% owned by Energy Planet

Figueira da Foz - Portugal

Wunder Ocean is an start-up company who aims to develop an innovative software based on Machine Learning to predict, forecast and optimize the best locations for wind-offshore farms, based on metoceanic data. Nowadays, offshore companies have huge expenses in testing and measurements for this purpose, so the solution Wunder Ocean wants to offer will make a breakthrough in the Wind Offshore Market.

Another business path of the company is to comercialize diferent patents and technical innovations in the wind energy market, this innovative concepts will improve the construction and O&M of the wind farms.


Finance & Manage Renewable energy assets
60% owned by Energy Planet

Évora - Portugal

Multiply Energy, Lda. wants to develop 500MW of renewables in Portugal and another 500MW in Spain in the next three years, aiming at licensing 50% in the next 5 years.

The end of both carbon and nuclear Energy production facilities, forecast for the following 10 years in Spain and Portugal, will create room for a significative expansion in renewables production.